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No. 1474 (Aloe) Botanical Magazine. London, 1812. $175.00

No. 1474 "Aloe Soccotrina. Pupurascens. Largest Soccotrine Aloe"

The Welsh botanical artist Sydenham Teast Edwards worked for 27 years for William Curtis’s Botanical Magazine before he began a rival publication in 1815. Edwards entitled his beautifully engraved periodical The Botanical Register; consisting of coloured figures of exotic plants, cultivated in British gardens; with their history and mode of treatment. The principal illustrators were first rate including Edwards himself, M. Hart and Miss Drake. The engravers were Sansom, Smith, S. Watts, White and G. Barclay.

Hand colored copperplate engraving.
Double page image measuring 9 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches.
Excellent condition save very minor transference.