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Plate 11 Surgeon Fish Orbigny, Dictionnaire Universel, Paris 1849, $125.00

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(Surgeon Fish) Poisson Plate 11 Amphacanthe, Acanthure

Alcide Charles Victor Marie Dessalines d’Orbigny (1802-1857) was a French naturalist, zoologist, paleontologist, anthropologist, geologist, archeologist and botanist, whose chef d’oeuvre is a lavishly illustrated encyclopedia entitled: Dictionnaire Universel d’Historie Naturelle. This very complete work was designed to appeal to both academics and amateurs and included illustrations of all known animals, plants, fish and insects. The illustrations are executed by some of the finest artists of the day and showcases the mastery of engraving which French artists were renown for at the of the early 19th century.

12 x 8 ½ inches sheet size
Very good condition, full original color, paper has minimal browning along sheet edges outside of plate mark.