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Bachelor's Hall. Plate 1. London, (1836.) $295.00

Plate 1.

 In front of the tall exterior walls of an estate. red coated hunters mount their steeds to set out for a day of riding with their pack of hounds. A woman joins them riding side saddle.

Engraved by Hunt after painting by Francis Calcraft Turner (1795-1846) a painter known for his racing and hunting scenes.

The text below reads:

To Bachelor’s Hall we good fellows invite.
To partake of the chase that makes up our delight.
We have spirits like fire, and of health such a stock.
That our pulse strikes the seconds as true as a Clock.

Did you see us you’d swear, as we mount with a grace.
That Diana had dubbed some new gods of the chase.
            Hark away, hark away
            All nature looks gay.
And Aurora with smiles ushers in the bright day.

Later 19th century strike
Hand colored aquatinted engraving.
13 x 16 inches, sheet.