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Allen, W.S. Vanderbilt "Gymkhana - Umbrella race," Sporting Incidents..., New York 1893, $600.00

 “Gymkhana Races. The Umbrella Race, Rockaway Hunting Club, at Cedarhurst July 1890”

An original print from a portfolio entitled Sporting Incidents; Being a Collection of sixteen plates done in color…representing the most important events of the track, field and road. The portfolio contained just 16 prints and only 1000 portfolio were issued in 1893.  “Steeplechase at Hempstead Farm…” was taken from the work of W.S. Vanderbilt Allen the respected American sporting artist. This was the era of the great American industrialists, a time when their fortunes, business matters and social life were well documented. The Sporting Incidents prints typified the era detailing the fashionable sporting endeavors of hunting, polo, coaching, steeple chase and the values and benefits these past times had on health, moral character and behavior.

Heliotype, approx. 18 ½ x 24 inches sheet size. Slightly time toned, very good condition.