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(Genesta Yacht) The Lawson History of the Americas Cup. Boston 1902. $110.00

"Genesta, Fifth challenger (1885) for the America's cup"

A wonderful original chromolithograph from, The History of the America's Cup, A Record of Fifty Years by
Winfield M. Thomson and Thomas Lawson, published privately in an edition of 3000, by Lawson in 1902, and dedicated to sportsmen of all ranks. The work described the history of the various competitions and challenges, detailing the conditions that shaped both the race and the sport.

The Americas cup trophy is the blue ribbon of yachting, "the premier emblem of sea-supremacy between the world's two greatest maritime nations", wrote Thomson.  During the reign of Queen Victoria, a new class of Englishman evolved, with the means and leisure to indulge in sports. While across the Atlantic, in the United States, the sport of yachting was in its infancy. Being a costly sport, it was the merchants in large American ports whose business was shipping and the sea, who found the means and the leisure for yachting. Few attempts were made to form sailing clubs in the US. The first American "Yachting" club was founded in 1835 in Boston for fishing and pleasure sailing, but having no fleet it was disbanded after two years. It was not until the New York Yacht Club was founded by nine prominent sportsmen in 1844 that yachting had a home in the US.

In 1851, a syndicate of NYYC enthusiasts built and raced a newly designed boat called The America, capturing the  "One Hundred Sovereign Cup" at the annual regatta of the Royal Yacht Squadron. The America "sailed with ease away from the fastest English craft put against her, and showed the old world, the art of building fast vessels had its home in the west." In 1857, the trophy was donated to the NYYC, to serve as a challenge cup for sportsmanlike competition between nations. The rest they say is history!

This original chromolithograph is certain to delight the sailor in all of us.

Original chromolithograph
7 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches sheet size
Excellent condition.