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(Ixia) Les Liliacees. Paris: 1807-1816. $2,250.00

Plate 339. "Ixia Patens"

The distinction of being the most talented and famous botanical artist of all time must go to Pierre-Joseph Redoute.  As court painter to Empress Josephine, Redoute's days were spent documenting the rare flowers and exotic newly discovered plants she grew in the gardens at Malmaison.  His masterful studies, sketches and paintings on vellum of lilies were the basis for all of the magnificent floral engravings contained in Les Liliacees, an extravagant comprehensive monograph of 486 exquisitely beautiful engravings bound into eight volumes.  The justifiably famous work includes depictions of all of the members of the lily family of plants including irises, tulips, orchids, amaryllis, crocus, etc.  Redoute’s work set the standard for all botanical illustration that followed and ushered in the era of great French botanical art. The plant was originally found at the Cape of Good Hope but was brought to the Netherlands.  for a long time it was called Ixia Kermesina.

This engraving was from the rare large paper edition of only 18 copies that Redoute himself hand colored.

22 3/4 x 17 1/4 inches.
Stipple engraving partially printed in color and finely finished by hand.
Excellent impression and condition.
With accompanying text.
Framed to museum specifications in gold leaf.