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John Hinton (New and Accurate Map of the Province of Georgia) Universal Magazine. London 1779. Sold

"A New and Accurate Map of the Province of Georgia in North America"

This British Revolutionary War era map of Georgia is the last time Georgia is documented as an English colony. The map was included as a fold out map in the Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure, published in London April 1779. The Universal Magazine, like its competitors the Gentleman's Magazine and the London Magazine, were subscription works issued monthly. These publications kept readers up to date with contemporary news and politics, poetry and prose, fashions, social events, Men of the day and other miscellaneous articles. The magazines' most popular and significant features were the engraved maps and prints which accompanied and illustrated the articles. The Universal Magazine, founded in 1747, issued a series of maps of the American "colonies" during the Revolution, including this excellent map of Georgia by John Hinton. Hinton's map is wonderfully detailed with information including Native America trade routes and trails, full and accurate descriptions of the coast barrier islands, topographical details, along with place names, all beautifully and cleanly engraved. These original engraved maps printed on thin laid paper, folded and un-folded over two hundred plus years, have gotten quite scarce and are proving almost impossible to find in good condition. We are thrilled to offer this original 18th century copperplate engraving.
Ref: Phillips, List of Maps of America, 295.

Copperplate engraving, outline hand color, on laid paper.
14 x 12.5 inches sheet.
Excellent original condition.