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(Building perspective) Hans Vredemann de Vries. Book of Perspective. The Hague, 1605-6. Sold

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Plate 22 (Building seen from above)

Hans Vredemann de Vries(1527 – c. 1607) was a Dutch Renaissance painter, architect and engineer, who was internationally renown specialist in perspective in the 16th century. Vredemann de Vries worked as a city architect and fortification engineer. He is remembered for writing and illustrating what became one of the major guidebooks on perspective for designers, painters, and architects. Perspective and engineering had been part of a formal education for painter, engineers and architects alike since the Renaissance. Vredemann de Vries’ reference work includes a number of scenes and projections employing one-and multi-point perspective. These were essential demonstrations for artists of the day, including the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), who was said to have a copy in his library.

 Uncolored copperplate engraving on laid paper.
9 ½ x 13 ½” sheet size.
Excellent original condition.