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(Tulips - yellow and red) Phytanthoza Iconographia... Regensberg, Germany, 1737- 42. Framed Sold

Plate 993  “Tulipa serotine versicolor, Tuliup Globiosa serotine aureo Colore punctat prolifera”

Johann Weinmann (1683-1741) was a prominent German apothecary, pharmacist and botanist in Regensberg. He is famous for the wonderful florilegia he produced between 1737 and 1742 which contained 1,026 botanical engravings.  Weinmann described his efforts as “being a comprehensive survey of thousands of native and foreign plants from all four corners of the world, the result of many years of tireless study…plants, trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, fruits and mushrooms…” Weinmann’s engravings were based upon the plants that he cultivated in his own garden and upon the watercolors of Georg Ehret, as well as a talented young female artist by the name of N. Asamin. Weinmann’s background is evident in both the compositions and and style of his botanical studies which are at once scientific and beautifully decorative as well. His unusual use of combing different printing techniques of mezzotint, line engraving, color printing and hand coloring resulted in the rich textures and subtle shadings. A pioneering work indeed. We are pleased to offer for sale his ornamental tulips which are some of the most sought after of prints.

16 x 12 inches sheet.
Mixed engraving and coloring techniques.
Excellent condition with well preserved original coloring, sharp impression.