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Domenico Angelo (Fencing Plate 6). L’Ecole des Armes. London: R. & J. Dodsley, 1763. SOLD

Plate 6 "Position pour la garde de tierce et le coup de quarte sur Les Armes"

Original copper plate engraving from the renowned fencing manual titled, L’Ecole des Armes.
Fencing was a popular 18th century sport among English royalty and aristocracy. The Italian fencing master Domenico Angelo Malevolti Tremamondo (1717-1802) established “Angelo’s School of Arms” in London in the 1750s after training in Paris. Angelo was a riding instructor by trade, born in Italy, but made a name for himself while in England by winning several public fencing matches. Considered by many to be the greatest fencing master of the 18th century, his reputation helped him secure high-ranking clients such as the Duke of Devonshire and the Earl of Pembroke and other fashionable and affluent clientele. Over the years, his school became a venerable British institution, which was run by successive generations of the Angelo family until the early twentieth-century. In 1763, Angelo published L'Ecole d'Armes, a respected fencing handbook comprised of beautifully illustrated plates by renowned English artists like Chamber, Gwyn and Ryland depicting principal fencing positions, and esteemed by many as the ultimate authority on fencing.

Copperplate engraving on watermarked laid paper, modern hand color.
12.5 x 19 inches sheet. Sharp and clean impression.
Very good condition, paper slightly wrinkled.