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(Paris) Notre Dame. Nouvelles Vues de Paris. Paris: Gihaut Freres, ca. 1870. $95.00

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"Interieur de Nortre-Dame de Paris"

A meticulously detailed view from a lovely series depicting many of the most beautiful and famous sites in Paris as they appeared at the end of the 19th century. Skillful artists and lithographers collaborated to create these lovely views of unrivalled beauty. Each original antique lithograph provides an invaluable record of architecture and landscape design as well as details of costume and aspects of daily life.  Close examination is guaranteed to instill in the viewer a longing to visit the wonders of the "City of Light." This beautiful lithograph shows the soaring interior of the cathesdral with the Gothic arches and vaulted ceiling.

10  x 14 inches, sheet.
Sepia toned lithograph.
Very good condition.