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Sander, Henry Frederick Conrad. (Cattleya Bowringiana) Reichenbachia, London 1888-1894 [1895] $895.00

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Tab 2   Cattleya Bowringiana

Large folio archivally and decoratively framed chromolithographed plate from Reichenbachia, Orchids Illustrated and Described published in London by Henry Frederick Conrad Sander between 1888-1894.

Frederick Sander (1847-1920) was a rich prominent nurseryman whose love of orchids and awareness of the money to be made by growing them fueled his interest in the plants. He became the official supplier of orchids to the Queen. Sander’s wealth facilitated his relentless pursuit of his passion. The exploding interest in orchids motivated Sander to hire the finest botanical artists of the day to produce what he hoped to be the finest and most authoritative books on the subject. He hired Henry G. Moon and Walter Hood Fitch to create 150 large folio illustrations of orchids as they grew naturally with blemishes and asymmetrical blossoms and foliage. Sander titled his oeuvre Reichenbachia, after the German orchid authority Dr. Reichenbach. In his introduction to this influential and popular work Sander states “The growing popularity of Orchids, and the ever-increasing demand for information respecting them, is sufficient reason for issuing the present work…It will be our intent to represent truthfully the natural aspect of the plants, which will be drawn life size…Some of the plant portraits will be coloured by lithograph, others will be hand painted when found expedient…It is our intention to illustrate all classes of the Orchid family.”

15 inches wide by 20 ½ inches, 27.5 x 22.5 framed size.
Archivally framed in carved gold leaf frame and linen matting.

Excellent condition