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(Anonymous) Geranium. Watercolor. Ca. 1940. $250.00

photo of print anonwcgeraniumvlg.jpg "Plate 539.  Pelargonium Endlicherianum. Geraniaceae"

Incredibly finely finished and minutely detailed watercolor on paper.  Accompanied by scientific text meticulously recorded by hand.  "Pelargonium Endlicherianum. Fenzler. Western Taurus. 1. Flowering plant, natural size. 2. Flower with upper two petals and stamens removed showing ovary style and three lower petals."  We have not yet discovered the name of this talented and driven botanical artist.

10 x 7 ¼ inches, sheet.
Ink and watercolor on paper.
Excellent condition with right edge perforated by stapled binding.