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(Architectural detail design) Plate 45 after Vignola. Five Orders of Architecture. Paris 1787. $295.00

Plate 45 "Porte pour Le Palais de la Chancellerie"

Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola (Italian 1507-1573) was one of the great 16th century Mannerist architects. His contributions to spreading Italian Renaissance style throughout western Europe cannot be understated. He worked for the Papal Farnese family along with his contemporary Michelangelo, and created the two subordinate domes of St Peters Bascilica after Michelangelo's death. Perhaps Vignola's greatest accomplishemnt was his canon of classical architectural style. The clarity and purpose of his book caused it to become in succeeding centuries the most published book in architectural history. This original copperplate engraving  was included in a Paris printing of Regola delli cinque ordini d'architectura, in 1787. It is wonderfully crisp and sharp impression, appropriately archivally framed.

Copperplate engraving
14 x 11 inches outside framed dimension
excellent condition, archival framing.