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MatisseNu Aux Oranges
Johann Weinmann Tulips
John Gould Hummingbirds
Karl Blossfledt.

For the past thirty-five years, together and independently, we have collected, bought and sold original antique prints, maps and watercolors. Throughout this time, we have curated private collections, installed public exhibitions and spent many hours in libraries and museums expanding our areas of expertise. We pride ourselves on offering the best material at reasonable prices.

We have always been avid print enthusiasts. For us there is nothing as exciting as discovering a new 'cache' of antique prints and maps. Uncovering beautiful, historically significant works in the best possible condition continues to be our joy and challenge. The works on paper in our collections are fascinating records of man's aesthetic, cultural and scientific development. Their beauty and interest make them wonderful additions to any home or office interior, whether traditional or modern.

Please browse our website. The search function and the Artist/Subject Index will help you find the series you know and love but we look forward to talking with you about any specific questions and requests.

Hollie Powers Holt and Denise De Laurentis