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Lewis Wright. (Brown-Breasted Red Game) Illustrated Book of Poultry. London: Cassells, 1880. $115.00

Mr. C.W. Brierley’s Pair of Brown- Breasted Red Game, Cock 1st at Barrow, 1871, Hen, 1st at Birmingham & Manchester, 1870. With Upwards of a Dozen Silver Cups at Various Places.

Containing 50 chromolithographed prints of prize roosters, hens and other fowl in what is perhaps the most famous 19th century illustrated book on the subject. The titles specify names of the breed and the prizes that they won. The series was so popular that it was reproduced using a different, less successful technique in a smaller format in 1902. The prints in this series are a particularly good example of the beautiful color possibilities of chromolithography. J. Ludlow, a bird artist specializing in domestic birds was the artist for many of the birds in the series. Lewis Wright was an author, editor and poultry pigeon and animal expert.

10 ¾ x 8 ¼, inches.
Excellent Condition