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Saverio Manetti (Brazil Parrot). Storia naturale degli Uccelli. Florence 1767-1776. Framed $1,650.00

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CII “Pappagallo detto Arara rossa del Brasile”


Leave it to the Italians to create such charming and delightful and accurate bird portraits!
The prints were drawn and etched by Violante Vanni and Lorenzo Lorenzi with the text penned by Saverio Manetti. The work was published in Florence, Italy between 1767 and 1776 by F. Mouck, C.  Cambiagi, and Giuseppe Vanni.

Manetti’s ornithological treatise was an influential scientific work illustrating a broad spectrum of bird species including those familiar to European audiences, as well as new exotic varieties coming from far flung locales in Asia, South America and Africa, etc. Some plates are dedicated to prominent individuals, clergy, scholars. Particularly pleasing are the birds themselves who appear at times almost operatic in their gestures and stances. The most beloved of Manetti’s birds are his parrots who preen and strut and present themselves proudly.

This original engraving is beautifully hand colored and archivally framed in carved gold leaf molding.

Copperplate engraving on laid paper with full original hand color.
24 x 20 1/2 inches outside frame dimensions.
Excellent condition.