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Pl. 291 (Lemon) Hesperides...Rome, 1646. $650.00

"Limon Ponzinus Ligusticus"

A strikingly unusual presentation from a work containing bold studies of citrus fruits – lemons, oranges, limes, citrons, and heritage citrus varieties -- each tied with ribbons decorated with the name of the specimen. Most of the illustrations are by Dutch artist and printmaker Cornelis Bloemaert (1603-1684) who trained with the renowned botanical artist, Crispin De Passe. The Italian Jesuit scholar Professor Giovanni Battista Ferrari (c.1582-1655.)  compiled  the work. The fruit are depicted life-size, whole and in section, along with foliage and flowers. They are presented in a modern way, floating in space against open backgrounds the ribbons weaving in and out of the composition. Ferrari also included garden views and a few allegorical scenes involving fruit. The work Hesperides Sive de Malorum Aureorum Cultura et Usu Libri Quatuor examined the taxonomy and classification of citrus fruits, including their origin, methods of cultivation, and medicinal uses.

Hand colored engraving.
14 x 10 inches, sheet.
Excellent condition.