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Edward James Ravenscroft. "Aries Albertinan." The Puinetum Britannicum...Edinburg, 1863-1884.$2,200.00

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"Aries Albertiana"

A plate from one of the great coniferous iconographies of the 19th century by Edward James Ranvescroft titled: The Pinetum Britannicum; A Descriptive Account of Hardy Coniferous Trees, printed in Edinburg between 1863-1884. The monumental three volume work contained beautifully hand colored folio size lithographs describes and depicts exotic coniferous trees cultivated in Britain in the 19th century, when they were at the height of popularity.  Many illustrations portray the trees in parks or other natural settings with human figures included in the compositions. Pinetum Brittanicum is a testament to the great 19th-century fascination with natural history, as well as the impulse to classify and catalogue--two interests that went hand in hand and intensified dramatically over the course of the 1800s. Ravenscroft was one of the great talents to emerge in this period in the field of natural history illustration, combining aspects of beauty and science--normally considered antithetical--with apparently effortless grace.

Hand colored lithograph.
Archivally framed with UV plexiglas
29 x 24.5 inches outside frame size.
Excellent condition.