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Francesco Bartolozzi (Spring - Primavera) London c. 1770. $295.00

Untitled (Spring)

This sepia tinted engraving offers such pleasure! A beautiful example of Francesco Bartolozzi's work. Born in Florence Italy, Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815) was an engraver, etcher and painter trained in the Florentine Academy and apprenticed to a Venetian engraver. Being such a talented artist, his work caught the attention of the librarian to King George III who brought Bartolozzi to England where he was appointed "Engraver to the King." Bartolozzi is recognized for his graceful portrayal of the human form, which is so obvious in this exuberant description of "Spring" or could she be "Flora dispensing her favors on the Earth." Whichever, this beautifully engraved 18th century work is a joy to behold.

Sepia tinted engraving.
13 x 15 inches sheet.
Very good condition.