antique prints, maps and watercolors

after Winslow Homer. (New Year) New York: Harper's Weekly, 1869. $165.00

In the 19th, before photography became commonplace, newspapers, guidebooks and periodicals were illustrated with wood engravings. One of the most popular of these magazines was Harper’s Weekly, which kept readers up to date with sensationally worded accounts of natural disasters, technological advances, politics, explorations and discoveries as well as home and society matters. The magazine employed illustrators who would travel and sketch any major event. These sketches were then translated onto wood blocks and published. Many of the best artists of the day earned their bread and butter in this manner. A.B. Frost, Thomas Nast, Winslow Homer and Frederic Remington are just a few of the names of famous American artists whose work appeared in Harper's Weekly. They produced beautiful images that are invaluable for the historical information and the glimpses into the daily life of the period. The images created by Winslow Homer are among the most highly valued by collectors.