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Frederic Cozzens. Plate XVI. American Yachts...New York: Charles Scribner, 1884. $1,050.00

Plate XVI “A Stern Chase and a Long One. Countess of Dufferin, the America, the Grant and the Madeleine”

Frederic Schiller Cozzens (American 1846-1928) was an immensely talented, self-taught marine artist.  His specialty was watercolor paintings and his popularity grew with his paintings of the early New York Yacht Club boats and racing events. He was usually commissioned by the boat's owners to create lasting portraits of their vessels.

In 1884 Cozzens decided to offer his paintings to a wider audience in the form of color lithographs called chromolithographs. This printing technique utilizing various lithographic stones for various colors, beautifully replicated the appearance of an oil or watercolor painting, and allowed the image to be printed with colored inks, rather than being hand colored.

He produced a portfolio of 27 chromolithographs titled, American Yachts, Their Clubs and Races. The portfolio was accompanied by a text written by Lieutenant James Douglas Jerrold Kelley, describing the lithographs. Cozzens used arguably the best art printer of the day, Armstrong of Boston to produce the lithographs and the set was issued by Charles Scribner's & Sons of New York.

These beautiful renderings of racing American yachts are as popular today as they were 130 years ago! Cozzens captures the feeling of wind and spray, the majesty of these fabulous vessels and the men who designed, built and sailed them. They appeal equally to the sailor and "land-lubber" who can certainly enjoy and appreciate these wonderful works of art.

14 1/4 x 20 1/2 inches, framed 24 x 30 inches overall. 
(Matted to cover line of discoloration across top of image)