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(Formal Garden) Nurembergische Hesperides, Nuremberg, 1708-14. Framed. $295.00

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"Pag 8 "Die Landstraus Platz im Gostenhof"

Johann Christoph Volckamer (1662-1744) was a wealthy Nuremberg merchant. He was part of a new moneyed class of gentlemen who could afford to maintain hothouses where they grew tropical plants year round despite the harsh winters of northern Europe. Volckamer's famous work, Nurnbergische Hesperides was a work devoted to “Italian Fruits” also known as citrus fruits and was issued in Nuremberg between 1708 and 1714. Many aspects of Volckamer’s engraving style exhibit his familiarity with the monograph on citrus produced by Giovanni Ferrari half a century before. Volckamer’s images differ from Ferrari in that they include topographical views. This lovely copper engraving of a garden is remarkably detailed. Archivally framed.

Hand colored copperplate engraving
9 x 14 inches sheet size, excellent condition.
Archivally framed measuring approx.12.5 x 17.5