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(The Grunt, The Mullet) Catesby, Mark.The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and Bahama Islands. London 1754. Framed. Sold

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T.6 “The Grunt (Perca Marina capite striato) and the Mullet (Albula Bahamensis)”

Mark Catesby was an early 18th century English naturalist who spent a total of ten years traveling throughout the east coast of the American colonies and Bahamas islands collecting specimens and making drawings that were to become the first natural history study of North America.  His wildly diversified work contains descriptions and hand colored engraved illustrations of plants, birds, insects, snakes, small mammals (and a bison!), fish and mollusks.  Catesby supported himself as a nurseryman while he labored for years organizing his specimens, drawing and engraving and sometimes hand coloring his work.  Finally, in 1731, Catesby published the first volume of The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands. It contains 100 images of birds. He published a second volume containing animals, fish, shells, insects, snakes, etc. in 1743. This work remained unsurpassed as a scientific reference for many years. It continued to be so useful, that a second edition was published in 1754. It contained an appendix of 20 engraved plates. Catesby's images are imaginatively and boldly figured in a straightforward style. They are beloved and collected for their naïve, accurate quality that pre-figures American folk art.

Copperplate engraving on laid paper.
13 x 19 inches sheet size.
Archivally framed measuring 19 x 22.5 inches.
Full original color.