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(Citron) Nurembergiische Hesperides. Nuremberg, 1708-14. Sold

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Page 172 d  “Altri Cedrati dalla Bizaria” 

Volckamer was a wealthy Nuremberg merchant. He was part of the new monied class of gentlemen who could afford to maintain hothouses where they grew tropical plants year round despite the harsh winters of northern Europe.  Volckamer's famous work, Nurnbergische Hesperides was published in Nuremberg between 1708 and 1714.  Many aspects of the style of Volckamer's engravings exhibit his familiarity with the monograph on citrus produced by Giovanni Ferrari's half a century before, but Volckamer's images include remarkable backgrounds which are the hallmark of his work. His team of artists and engravers presented monumentally scaled prize varieties of fruit floating above far distant yet remarkably detailed landscapes of idealized European palaces, gardens and bucolic views. The striking images are appreciated by modern day collectors as records of garden planning as well as for their unusual compositions.

Large stemmed citrons with cross section identified with blue ribbon floating above glorious formal hedged garden with central fountain.

Copperplate engraving with modern hand color.
14 ¼ x 9 inches sheet.  
Excellent condition, clean and sharp impression, small margins.