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It's here!

In the northern hemisphere, summertime has finally arrived and our thoughts have turned to antique prints of favorite summer pastimes.

Dezailler's striking eighteenth century engravings remind us of relaxing days spent strolling sandy beaches in search of shells.

The freedom and sense of wonder that accompanies wandering through fields of wildflowers are perfectly captured by Jane Webb Loudon’s carefully painted lithographs,

Wood engravings after Winslow Homer evoke powerful memories of summertime activities of the past – clambakes, fishing, snap-the-whip  - that we continue to enjoy today.

Those who love birdwatching will be inspired by our many antique ornithological prints. Alexander Wilson’s have a wonderful fork art presentation.  Others are more precise in their depiction and poses.

Frederic Cozzens’ iconic images of American yachting perfectly capture the warmth of the sun and the spray of the sea.

We love George Goursat’s (aka SEM) satirical depictions of the French upper class as they play tennis and croquet and frolic on the beach.

Hollie Powers Holt
Denise DeLaurentis



A fabulous image from Dezallier's book on shells

From Jane W. Loudon's highly regarded book on wildflowers

Homer's artistic style and subject matter translated into fine engravings

Wilson's work was the first American ornithology

Cozzen's American Yachts is the best 19th century work on the subject

Au Tennis by SEM

A rare musical subject from SEM's book of caricatures

Recent Acquisitions

Fine Antique Prints offers for sale fine, decorative, affordable, original antique prints and maps. Our collection includes botanicals of the 17th through early 20th centuries including Besler, Sweert, De Passe, Ferrari, Weinmann, Brookshaw, Redoute, Thornton and Curtis, bird prints including Audubon, Catesby, Gould, Nozeman, Edwards, and Martinet, and other natural history such as shells, butterflies, fish, etc. Architectural prints, garden plans, and college views are popular specialities. Our maps depict places around the world and as well as those closer to our galleries in the Philadelphia area. Our landscape and city views include vacation destinations such as Nantucket, Cape Cod, Maine, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, the American West and scenes from around the world. Most are inexpensive reminders of favorite places and make excellent gifts. We have a large selection of antique prints of Native Americans including Bodmer, Catlin, McKenney and Hall and Curtis. Please visit our site often as we are expanding our offerings and remember, fine things never go out of style.

Contact us or call 610-687-2552 with specific inquires or to talk about what we might have of interest.
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