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(Phalarope) Nederlandsche Vogelen... Amsterday, 1770-1829. $400.00

"Scolopax Phalopus"

A beautiful image of a wading bird by Cornelius Nozeman from the first comprehensive account of the birds of Holland.  The plates depict all the species known to exist in the Netherlands through the time of publication and frequently feature eggs and nests.  A few wonderful plates are dedicated to these latter subjects.  The birds are shown in their natural surroundings and in their natural attitudes. 

A description of Nederlandsche Vogelen… is included in Fine Bird Books by Sacheverell Sitwell.  The author of this essential reference had very high standards for what volumes could be included.  He defined a ‘fine book’ as “one which is finely produced.  Well printed on hand-made paper, preferably finely bound, it should be enjoyable to look at and to handle.  The pictures should not only be well drawn but reproduced as near perfectly as possible.”  (Sitwell, p.48) It is certainly telling that he selected a Nozeman image to be the frontispiece of his essential reference on antique ornithological prints.

Hand colored copperplate engraving.
20 3/4 x 14 1/2 inches.
Excellent condition with perfectly preserved original color, full margins and accompanying text..