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Plate 38. Jane W. Loudon. (Carrot, Parsley, Fennel) British Wild Flowers. London: William Smith, 1849. $185.00

Plate 38. 1. Wild Carrot 2. Great Bur Parsley 3. Small Hartwort 4. Sea Hogs Fennel, or Sea Sulphus wort 5. Sea Samphise 6. Spignel, Mew or Bald money 7. Common...

In her introduction to this work, Mrs. Loudon (1807-1858) stated her goal to be to create a work that would be useful to ladies interested in flowers and would encourage the study of botany “which has hitherto been too much neglected… I shall take only the most ornamental plants, and I shall not figure any flowers that are common in gardens. My object is to enable any amateur who may find a pretty flower growing in the wild to ascertain its name and some particulars respecting it.”

Hand colored lithograph.
11 ¼ x 8 5/8 inches, sheet.
Light overall toning.