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Plate 49. Jane W. Loudon. (Broom, Vervain, etc) British Wild Flowers. London: William Smith, 1849 $185.00

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PL 49. 1. Blue Broom Rape 2. Tooth Wort 3. Crested Cow-wheat 4. Purple-Cow- wheat 5. The Vervain

In her introduction to this work, Mrs. Loudon (1807-1858) stated her goal to be to create a work that would be useful to ladies interested in flowers and would encourage the study of botany “which has hitherto been too much neglected… I shall take only the most ornamental plants, and I shall not figure any flowers that are common in gardens. My object is to enable any amateur who may find a pretty flower growing in the wild to ascertain its name and some particulars respecting it.”

Hand colored lithograph.
11 ¼ x 8 5/8 inches, sheet.
Light overall toning.