antique prints, maps and watercolors

Gabriel Fourmaintraux. Boxes. Sevres, ca. 1900. $600.00

Collection of small covered boxes (Reference 06001)

A beautiful watercolor drawing showing 15 small porcelain boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and decorative motifs. A pencil notation in French indicates that any combination of shape, size and design may be produced at a corresponding price and that the boxes are available finished in bronze for an additional price.

For almost 300 years, since it was produced under the patronage of Louis XV, Sevres porcelain has been highly regarded for its high quality and beautiful design. These watercolors and hand water colored pouchoir prints are original designs created by the Sevres artist Gabriel Fourmaintraux to serve as guides for the painters of the porcelain and as sales tools for prospective clients showing them the range of sizes, decorative motifs, and finishing available at varying prices. The inclusion of pencil notations of prices, sizes and finishing options and stamps indicating order numbers are evidence of the fascinating role of the works as working designs. Our collection includes depictions of breakfast, dinner and dessert serving pieces, boxes, trays, lamps, table and toiletry accessories, vases, etc. Each is a beautiful and unique historical record of French decorative art.

A museum (A la belle Epoque de la Faience de Desevres) has been established in what were Gabriel Fourmaintraux’s workshops. It is located just outside of Paris at 114 rue Jean Jaures in Sevre.

12 ¾ x 19 inches, sheet.
Water color drawing.
Nice condition save paper residue on reverse of upper edge of sheet.