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William Bartlett. Fairmount Gardens with the Schuylkill Bridge. London, 1839. $195.00

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"Fairmount Gardens, with the Schuylkill Bridge" 

Travel books which would describe with text and engraved illustrations were extremely popular during the 19th century.  William Bartlett was one of the most talented and prolific of travel artists.  In 1836 Bartlett came to make sketches for N.P. Willis's American Scenery, a two-volume work focusing on Eastern Canada and the United States, published in London in 1839. Bartlett chose Philadelphia views that celebrated the city's economic and social prosperity.  Bartlett's prints became the most influential travel engravings of America, and the four of Philadelphia are probably the most popular of any prints of the city.

8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches sheet. 
Steel plate engraving with modern hand-color. 
Crisp impression.  Excellent condition.