antique prints, maps and watercolors

Jean Charles Kraaft. (Plan of an Extensive Estate) Plans des plus Beaux Jardins... Paris: Levault, 1809. $175.00

Pl. 73-74. (Elevated View of a Grand Estate)

Jean Charles Krafft (1764-1833) was a German born architect and draftsman born in Germany who emigrated to France where is authored several works on architecture and design. The translation of the full title of this work reveals its focus. It is Plans of the most beautiful Picturesque Gardens in France, England and Germany and of the Edifices, Monuments, Fabrics, etc. which contribute to their Embellishment, of every kind of architecture, such as Chinese, Egyptian, English, Arabian, Moorish, etc. … His intended audience was gentlemen who owned estates and wanted some ideas for their landscaping and hardscaping.

Here is another bird’s eye view of gardens, with different colors and patterns representing the various methods of farming used in sections.  The artist included paths, buildings, garden sections and a creek that runs throughout the garden in their print.  If you look closely you can see how different types of trees are depicted.

18 x 12 1/4 inches, sheet.
Hand colored engraving.