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(Cabbage) Hortus Romanus. Rome, 1772-1793. $700.00

photo of print bonellicabbagelg2.jpg

Cabbage Tab 24. "Brassica capitata alba et viridis / Ital. Caulo Bolognese. Gall. Chou"

Giorgio Bonelli, an Italian physician, began work on Hortus Romanus and since he wrote the first volume of text, he is usually credited with its publication. In fact, the striking, large scale depictions of Italian plants were drawn by C. Uberini and magnificently engraved by Maddalena Bouchard to create one of the earliest illustrated Italian botanical works. The unusually large size of the  paper required that each be hung over a line to dry. Upon close inspection, it is possible to discern this line extending through the center of each sheet; a fascinating and distinctive characteristic of this early book on Italian plants.

15 x 21 3/4 inches, sheet.
Hand colored engraving.
Excellent condition.