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(Lung wort) Medical Botany...London, 1790-94 $95.00

click for detailed image woodville pulmariavlg.jpg Plate 212. "Pulmonaria officinalis" (Lung wort)

A very decorative beautifully engraved and colored botanical  from William Woodville’s Medical Botany… Lung wort has a high mucilage content and is therefore useful with lung afflictions.

The engravings in the series show the close ties between botany and 18th century medicine. They depict  plants in the Royal College of Physician’s list of “material medica” at a time when the  pharmacopoeia of the day consisted entirely of herbs and plants. Medical Botany... was the predecessor to today's Physician’s Desk Reference. This fine example from the first edition of the work was engraved by James Sowerby (1757-1822)  himself a noted scientist, artist and engraver who illustrated some of the most famous late 18th century botanical works.

The low prices of these high quality 18th century botanical prints make them an excellent value.

9 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches, sheet.
Very nice condition with full margins.