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(Dickinson) New York: Harper's Weekly, 1883. $175.00

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“Dickinson College Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Founded in 1783”

East and West College buildings are in the center of the image. The famed architect Benjamin Latrobe was selected by the college founder Benjamin Rush to design the stately West College building  first opened to classes in 1805.  Rush named the college after a fellow signer of the Constitution, John Dickinson. West College remains the ceremonial heart of the college. A short time later East College was built and at various times it housed the president, served as dormitory and classrooms. During the 1863 Battle of Carlisle it became a Confererate hospital.

The college expanded throughout the 19th century, first into what has now become it main academic quadrangle, known formally as the John Dickinson Campus, across College Street and then across High Street where the Charles Nisbet campus of dormitories was contructed. The view is surrounded by vignetted portraits of men important to the early years of the college including Charles Nisbet, John Dickinson, John P. Durbin, president of the college between 1833 and 1844, J. McClintock, and J.A. McCauley, president during a turbulent administrative period on campus which ended with his resignation in 1888.

15 ¾ x 10 ½ inches, sheet.
Excellent condition save unobtrusive small stain in lower right corner.