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Centennial Clock. Seth Thomas, Connecticut, 1876.$385.00

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(Centennial Clock) Seth Thomas, Connecticut, 1876

This is a decorative small veneered shelf or mantle clock created at the time of the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. The top of the door contains a square clear glass panel, the bottom of the door is fitted with a horizontally rectangular reverse painted glass panel. The panel includes a central oval depicting the main buildings of the Philadelphia 1876 Centennial Exhibition flanked by an eagle and an American flag and dated “1876.”

The clock has a key-wound spring-driven thirty-hour movement with hour strike, a square painted tin dial with Roman numerals and Seth Thomas trademark, vertically-rectangular-shaped case with a flat base. It is surrounded on its front and sides by wide applied molding. The case has a flat top, the front is fitted with a full length hinged door, brass hinges and a small brass turn knob.

 Nice crusty finish.