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(Innsbruck) Georg Balthasar Probst. Augsburg, ca. 1750. $1,150.00

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A beautiful monumentally sized and highly detailed southeastern view of the capital city of the Tyrol situated on the Sill River between the mountains of Nodkette and Serles. Innsbruck was an important Austrian city throughout history. In the 1200’s it was the easiest route across the Alps through the Brenner Pass and was a major transport and communications link between northern and southern Europe. Revenues generated by travelers allowed the city to flourish. During the Napoleonic wars, Tyrol was ceded to Bavaria, a Tyrolean peasant army won it back but it wasn’t until the Vienna Congress that Austria rule was restored. In WWII, Innsbruck was annexed by Nazi Germany and became the site of a concentration camp. An internationally known winter sports capital, Innsbruck was the home to the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976.

A key below the image identifies important sites and buildings.
A crisp copperplate engraving.
43 ½ x 15 ½ inches, sheet.
Excellent condition with substantial margins beyond the platemark (not completely visible in this photograph)