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(for the antique car enthusiast) A Dictionary for Tired People. Goodyear Tire Company, 1903. $75.00

photo of print tiredpeoplevlg.jpg

A Dictionary for Tired People.
New York: Rogers and Company, 1903.

A miniature promotional booklet published by the Goodyear Tire Company. Humorous (and occasionally politically incorrect from a today’s vantage point) the paperbound work it consists of an illustrated dictionary of words from A to Z that apply to cars, their parts, their maintenance, etc.  For example, “Garage – A horseless livery stable; place from which you may quickly secure your automobile un less your chauffeur has taken it for an evening out…”
Includes a postcard to be sent to Goodyear for other publications of interest.

The perfect gift for any one interested in antique cars.

5 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches, overall.
Excellent condition save minor scuffing along spine edge.