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Daniel OConnell. New York: Thomas Kelly, 1874. $475.00

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“ Daniel O’Connell – The Great Irish Liberator”


Daniel O’Connell (1775-1847) became known at the Great Liberator of Irish  Catholics.  He studied law, became a barrister in 1798 and became a lawyer known for his skills as an orator.  In 1828, he won election to office in County Clare. From that time on, his career as a politician centered on his advocacy of the right of Catholics to sit in Parliament, thus beginning his involvement with Catholic Emancipation, and in 1823 he established the Catholic Association.  In 1828, O’Connell won an election in County Clare.  This election was a turning point in the movement for Catholic emancipation because as a Catholic, O’Connell was unable to sit in the House of Commons.  However, due to pressures from the public, the British Government granted Catholic emancipation in April of 1829. In February 1830 O’Connell took his seat in the House of Commons, the first Catholic to do so in recent history, and continued his successful political career.  In 1840 he created the Repeal Association and in 1841 was elected to Lord Mayor of Dublin.

            The text below the image states : “I warn the British minister against either intimidating or coercing the people of Ireland.  They are a brave and a chivalrous race whose valor the history of all Europe attests.  If ever they be driven to the field to vindicate their liberties, they may not want another Bolivar to animate their efforts"

  1. Lithograph.
    22 x 21 ½ inches, sheet.
    Very nice conserved condition with distant corners replaced.