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“Carte Des Possessions Angloises & Francoises Du Continent De L'Amerique Septentionale..." Ottens. Amsterdam 1755. $2,500.00

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"Carte des Possessions Angloises & Francoises du Continent de L'Amerique"

First issue of the Ottens map of the French and English possessions, published on the eve of the French and Indian War.

In 1755, Reinier Ottens (1698-1750) and Josua Ottens (1704-65) issued a Dutch version of Jean Palairet's important map. The map showed the French and English territorial claims on the eve of the French and Indian War, with the coloring reflecting those claims. The English possessions are shown in yellow, with much of the region between the Appalachians and the Mississippi shown in pink reflecting territory occupied by English settlers or "peuples allies de l'Angleterre." The French claims are colored in green, encompassing much of Canada and all of a vast Louisiana. French forts are circled in red and a red boundary line extends through Acadia to Lake Ontario. A rare and colorful map of North America published on the eve of the war.

Engraved map, full period hand-coloring.
Archivally framed.
22 3/4 x 26 inches, 25 ¼ x 31 inches framed size.
Excellent condition.