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Moore and Hogg. “The Desire …in a Dangerous Storm.” London 1778. Framed. $495.00

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“The Desire one of CAVENDISH’S Fleet in a Dangerous Storm near the Streights of Maghellan”

Travel chronicles were popular in eighteenth century England, a period of great empire expansion and discoveries. This engraving was included as an illustration in John Hamilton Moore’s A New and Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels printed by Alexander Hogg in London in 1778. Moore’s volume detailed some of the most interesting discoveries and adventures including the voyages of Captain Cook, Magellan, Drake and other great explorers. Moore described his book as being "embellished with a superb and elegant set of copper plate engravings and maps."

The Desire was a 120 ton flagship Thomas Cavendish built for his 1586-1588 circumnavigation of the globe. The Desire was only the third ship to do this after Magellan and Drake. The ship was later captained by John Davis on a second expedition where it is thought the Falkland Islands were discovered in 1593. A grueling expedition, only the Captain and 15 crewmen survived out of an original 76 on board.

Copperplate engraving with modern hand color.
15.5 x 9.5 inches sheet.
Archivally framed measuring 19 x 14.5 inches.
Excellent condition.