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Bowen, J.T. ( U.S.Mint) Views of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1840-48.$325.00

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“U.S. Mint”

This series of 19th century prints concentrated upon recently constructed impressive Philadelphia buildings. It was so popular that it was published in four different editions. After the original issue, J.C. Wild decided to leave town and sold his share to his partner, J.B. Chevalier, who reissued the set as sole publisher also in 1838. That same year, J.T. Bowen, who had just moved to Philadelphia to complete the work on the McKenney & Hall Indian portfolio, acquired the rights to the set and issued an edition with himself as publisher. Within a decade, Bowen had reissued the set, though now removing Wild's name as both artist and lithographer. This lithograph is from Bowen’s edition.
In 1833 this building designed by William Strickland to replace the first mint ordered by Congress and built in 1792. This was the second of 4 locations. This building at 2nd and Juniper was replaced in 1902 and then in 1969, the Philadelphia mint moved to its current location on Independence Mall.

8 ½ x 10 ½ inches, sheet.
Hand colored lithograph.
Excellent condition.