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(Lower Merion Township as it appeared in 1851) A.H. Mueller. Atlas from ...Overbrook to Paoli... Philadelphia, 1913. $325.00

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Special Plate: map of the township of Lower Merion

This detailed map of Lower Merion Township as John Levering drew it in 1851 was included in Mueller's atlas. The maps shows the number of inhabitants, the owners of the properties, the valuation of real and personal estates and lots of other fascinating detail.

We have a large selection of large scale maps of properties (residential, commercial, and institutional) that extended along the tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad between City Line at Overbrook and Paoli to the west. The maps contain fascinating information about property owners, types of buildings on the properties with frame, brick, barns, stables, green houses all shown, sewer lines, steam railways, electric railroads and “macadamized” roads. This map was included in a particularly beautifully colored atlas.

22 x 31 ½ inches, overall.
Hand colored lithograph.