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Angelo, Domenico. Plate 36. L'Ecole des Armes. London, 1763. $325.00

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Plate 36. "Du desarmement sur le coup de tierce"

This beautiful engraving was an illustration in Domenico Angelo’s highly regarded handbook on fencing titled L’Ecole d’Armes. During the eighteenth century fencing was popular among the British aristocracy. Most fencers learned the sport from French or Italian instructors but in the mid 18th century Angelo established Angelo’s School of Arms in London and enjoyed the patronage of many well heeled Englishmen including the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York. The school was so successful that it continued to thrive under the direction of later generations of the Angelo family until the early 20th century.

13 x 19 ¼ inches, sheet.
Hand colored engraving.
Excellent condition.