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Vanity Fair. Tom. New York, 1885. $225.00

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Mr. Thomas Nickalls was the leading dealer in the American Railway Market and one of the best known men on the stock exchange. 

Vanity Fair
 was a popular weekly magazine of social, literary and political content that was published in London between 1868 and 1914. It contained articles on political, economic and social topics though as time passed political reports were de-emphasized in favor of society news and gossip. The full page color caricatures of famous men and women of the day were popular at the time and continue to be so today.  The two most famous artists who worked for Vanity Fair were "Ape" (Carlo Pellegrini) and "Spy" (Leslie Ward), but many other artists provided images for this long running series of delightful caricatures.

16 x 10 ½ inches, sheet.
Excellent condition.
Framed to 20 x 14 1/4 inches.