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Bachelors Hall. Plate 2. Lonson, (1836.) $195.00

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Plate 2

Red-coated fox hunters strike out after a hound giving chase. In the immediate foreground of the print the Squire astride his horse jumps a high fence and water hazard and Dick Thickset tips his top hat. 

The text below reads:

Dick Thickset came mounted upon a fine black,
A better fleet gelding ne’er hunter did back.
Tom Trig rode a bay full of metal and bone,
And gayly Bob Buxon rode proud on a roan.

But the horse of all horses that rivall’d the day,
Was the Squire’s Neck-or-nothing, and that was a grey,
      Hark away, hark away
      While our spirits are gay<
Let us drink to the joys of the next coming day.

Engraved by Hunt after painting by Francis Calcraft Turner (1795-1846) a painter known for his racing and hunting scenes.

Later 19th century strike
Hand colored aquatinted engraving.
13 x 16 inches, sheet.