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William Cavendish. Duke of Newcastle. (La Bataille Gagne) (1657) 1743 $275.00

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Cavendish fought for King Charles I but fled to the continent when the king was executed and Cromwell came to power. It was in France and then in Antwerp that he developed his method of training horses that made him famous and that was illustrated in several influential books on dressage, one of which contained this engraving. The figure on the rearing horse at center is probably Cavendish himself, although this was a formulaic representation that may have been used to depict other members of high society on the battlefield. The figure looks down over a battle raging in the valley below. A coat of arms surrounded with “honi soit qui mal y pense” is in the upper left. A black page stands behind him holding his helmet. Angels sounding clarion calls in the heavens above.

Laid paper.
13 x 16 ¾ inches, sheet.
Centerfold with some soft folds and small tear in lower margin.