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(Turin, Piedmont, Italy) After Miss Batty. Italian Scenery..., London 1820. $110.00

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"Turin. Bridge of Bonaparte from Palazzo Valentino"

The “Grand Tour” through the capitals of Europe was something enjoyed primarily by privileged 18th and 19th English men and women. These trips, most often to Italy, focused on visiting the ruins of the ancient world and the architecture of Renaissance and Baroque eras. Travel books illustrated with engravings described and documented these favorite spots. Elizabeth Frances Batty created charming views of some of these favorite Grand Tour spots. and included them as illustrations to her travel volume titled Italian Scenery, Drawings made in 1817. Turin located in a flat valley at the base of the Alps in Piedmont was always a military town. Today it is best know as home to Fiat company.

Steel plate engraving hand colored.
7 x 10 1/2 inches sheet.
Excellent condition.