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(Garden plan) ... Clare Mont... Vitruvius Brittanicus... London , 1715-1738. $495.00

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"Plan of the Garden and Plantations of Clare Mont in Surry, the Seat of his Grace the Duke of New Castle..."

Colen Campbell’s Vitruvius Britannicus or, the British Architect… is one of the greatest 18th century British illustrated books on architecture. The large, strikingly beautiful prints of stately English country houses built during the two previous centuries are distinguished by high quality of engraving and fine laid paper. Campbell was the architect to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. He was a proponent of the symmetry and simple lines of the Neo-Palladian style which he helped to popularize thereby replacing the excessive fussiness of the Baroque style of the preceding century. Inigo Jones, Sir John Vanbrugh and Sir Christopher Wren are two of the famous British architects whose designs Campbell included in the work.

18 x21 inches, sheet
Copperplate engraving.
Excellent condition.
Slight difference in coloring from photo.